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Amelia Johnstone

I was born on 7th May 1977 at 12 O’ Clock midday in Chesterfield hospital in Derbyshire. As the fourth of six children I spent summers growing up in Dorset and Devon on rivers and in woods playing alone, or making up elaborate games with my siblings, or cousins or imaginary friends. Life was all about imagination then, and continues to be now. Illustration has always been there, always been my discipline and as a child I used to carry my favourite illustrated books with me, go for picnic breakfasts and eat marmalade sandwiches out of illustrated tins and live life as though always in a story.

I have exhibited in London in both solo and group shows and around the world with Le Gun. I am currently working on a book about two jealous sisters ‘Orange and Lemon’ who have a tendency to let heads roll; 'here comes the chopper to chop off your head'. And most recently have begun to research and make images for a new version of Hansel and Gretel with an Angela Carter twist.

I imminently leave my Ludlow garret and move to Cardiff to begin a new job as a Lecturer in BA (Hons) Illustration. I shall miss my Hereford children, talented peculiar and exciting gaggle of imaginations, but can’t wait to explore new ground, discover new things and make something happen.