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Andreas Laszlo Konrath

I was born in 1981 in a small town named Chorleywood, just North West of London. My father, from Hungary is an architect. My mother, from England, was a ballet dancer and now teaches dance and movement. My brother, 7 years my senior, is a writer.

At the age of 11 I was in my first death metal band with my best friends Rich and Rob. We were called Discharge (little did we know there was a REAL band called Discharge). By 13 I had picked up my first skateboard and proceeded to destroy my body on this wooden toy until the age of 20 when I ended up in hospital with a ruined knee. This is when I focused more on the punk band I was in, with whom I toured the UK several times, playing every toilet bowl possible.

I picked up my first camera shortly after my brother bought me a book by Larry Clark for my 18th birthday. While I studied my art foundation at college I decided to leave graphic design behind and concentrate on taking pictures of what was around me; skateboarders, bands, friends and general youth related activities that one's time is occupied with in the suburbs of London.

Then I went on to study my degree in Fine Art at London Guildhall University. I learnt a lot living in the East End and carried on photographing my friends, perfecting and documenting my culture.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I have a bicycle, a skateboard, an acoustic guitar and a couple of cameras.