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Frank Laws

He likes to work in watercolour paints, drawing ink and acrylic on stretched watercolour paper, applying layer upon layer to obtain richness and depth. He also uses photographic reference sources to help capture his thoughts on chosen subjects: 'I like to involve the viewer in the world I portray, making them become the observer and create a sense of human life and activity without the need to show the human form.'

'Frank Laws' compelling paintings explore the anonymity of urban living through the prolonged meticulous study of neighbouring dwellings. Despite the relative proximity of the buildings and the intensity of his inquiry, clues about their occupants remain eerily scant. The blank vacancy of the rooms from which they're seen invites us to place ourselves as the viewer looking out onto his world. With a subject matter and working method that is very much his own, Frank Laws creates intensely personal images that are honest, intriguing and quietly unsettling.'