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Leigh Fox

His parents liked to have their ‘intimate time’ on a Sunday morning and to try and ensure that they weren’t disturbed used to put him and his brother in a room with some pens and pencils to keep them occupied. This was later extended to the drawing class at the Serpentine Gallery, where Leigh, 8, was kicked out.

Leigh Fox’s work, up to date, documents his travels. At 19 he travelled the length of Africa and last year through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. He sites Hogarth and Otto Dix as influences, there are elements of the grotesque in both their work and Leigh puts this down, in Dix’s case, to having seen the world at its worst and that in some way this will always alienate one. Although he dismisses the judgemental nature of Hogarth’s, “ I say what I see.”